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Absolutely stunning pair of giant bronze lions 12feet tall- 370cm - head to toe so monumental. Amazing patina and the artist really has captured the beauty to the beasts with the rending of their muscletone and manes. These would work as a great pair of gatekeepers guarding the entrance to a manor house. These larger-than-life walking lions are made in bronze. With eyes wide open, the lions are patrolling their territory. The so-called “King of the Jungle” walks on massive, even oversized, paws that demonstrate thier potential for violence while maintaining a focused and calm demeanor. Their mouths are open, exposing razor-sharp canines to warn those who would threaten them. Yet, there is a grace to the figure, and a feeling of awe may overcome the viewer after just a few moments of contemplating these sculptures. The image of this animal is to express power, strength, virility, and divine right, which these beautiful sculptures do to perfection.




Large Lion

Hight 370cm

Width 220cm

Depth 90cm


Small Lion

Hight 230cm

Width 390cm

Depth 90cm

Pair of Large Bronze Lions, 20th Century

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