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A large 19th century oil painting of the pearl river, with a floral carved gold gild frame. Notes on the painting: The pearl river, also known by its Chinese name Zhujiang and formerly often known as the Canton River, is an extensive river system in southern China. The name "Pearl River" is also often used as a catch-all for the watersheds of the Xi ("West"), Bei ("North"), and Dong ("East") rivers of Guangdong. As the pioneer of reform and opening-up and an important economic hub of China, the Pearl River Delta has played a remarkable leading role and had an important strategic status in the overall effort of China to pursue economic and social development. The pearl river begins in Neshoba County, Mississippi, where several creeks come together including Nanih Waiya. Variously translated as “stooping hill” or “place of creation”, the creek shares its name with a nearby Native American mound central to Choctaw origin myths and venerated as their mother mound.


H 30 in. x W 25 in. x D 4 in.

H 76.2 cm x W 63.5 cm x D 10.16 cm

Oil Painting of the Pearl River, 1890

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