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 A stunning pair of bronze verdigris sculptures, in the style of Igor Mitoraj the Valencia 2006. Igor Mitoraj was a Polish artist and sculptor, recognised for his fragmented sculptures of the human body often created for large-scale public installations. He is considered one of the most internationally recognised Polish sculptors globally. Mitoraj's sculptural style is rooted in the classical tradition with its focus on the well modelled torso. However, Mitoraj introduced a post-modern twist with ostentatiously truncated limbs, emphasising the damage sustained by most genuine classical sculptures. Often his works aim to address the questions of human body, its beauty and fragility, its suffering as well as deeper aspects of human nature, which as a result of the passing of time undergo degeneration.




Height: 63 in (2161 cm)

Width: 39 in (100 cm)

Depth: 41 in (105 cm)


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