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A beautiful pair of large ormolu mounted malachite Empire style vases.


Executed in a mixture of styles but dominated by an Empire influence, these striking malachite and ormolu mounted vases were made in the early twentieth century. They feature beautifully sculpted swans with long arcing necks on either side, a victory-wreath band towards the base, four Napoleonic 'N's in small victory-wreaths, and eagles emblazoned around the necks gripping lightning bolts with their talons. Mounted on square gilt bases, they stand well over a metre tall, and convey a magisterial sense of presence and of success. The decoration and symbolism recalls a period and style full of imperious pride and confidence, and as objects they command the attention of all with whom they share the room.



Height: 75 cm (29.53 in)

Width: 53 cm (20.87 in)

Depth: 23 cm (9.06 in)

Pair of Large Ormolu Mounted Malachite Empire Style Vases

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