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Stunning bronze statue of Lady Justice, the Roman Goddess of Justice (equivalent to Greek goddess Themis). Justice is shown with a blindfold, holding the scales and standing on the snake with sword in hand. Hence we have the phrase justice is blind. She is of course an allegorical personification of the moral force in the judicial system. It's a common statue to see on law courts, there is a famous version at the Old Bailey in London (the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales). This is a great version, casting is great with a wonderful patina. At just under three feet tall a good size. Definitely a good collectors piece with a great story behind it, perfect for the study of a lawyer or judge. Offered in excellent shape ready for home use right away.


H 31 in. x W 16 in. x D 10 in.

H 78.74 cm x W 40.64 cm x D 25.4 cm

Bronze Lady Justice Statue Scales Legal Justitia Themis, 20th Century

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