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A pair of 20th century gold gilded ionic columns with winged cherubs and fish scaled plinths. These classical columns are from the three orders beginning with the Doric, then the Ionic and ending with the Corinthian. Ionic columns always have a gently tapered form with the vertical surface highlighted with symmetrical grooves called "fluting". The base is a series of stacked concentric rings called a "socle" that stands on a square plinth that is flush with the ground. The capital to an Ionic column features a flat top that has an inward turning scroll on the left and right with a deeply grooved edge for contrast. Sometimes as on this pair, the scroll is also decorated with a double row of facing acanthus leaves again with deep carving to bring out the details. This style of column was an integral part of the vocabulary used in Georgian architecture where an emphasis was placed on symmetry and balance using the ancient Greek, Roman and Italian examples as inspiration. The clue that identifies these as only needing to be seen from three sides is the fact that the plinth and back side of the Ionic capital are unfinished and never meant to be seen. These pieces may once again be incorporated into an architectural design or used on their own as a sculptural accent.


H 52 in. x W 13 in. x D 11 in.

H 132.08 cm x W 33.02 cm x D 27.94 cm

20th Century Ionic Columns

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