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An incredible and monumental Italian 19th century Murano large chandelier. This is truly a magnificent chandelier, produced by the greatest Italian glass manufacturer in the world. With a bulbous central stem supporting floral decorated lights, designed throughout with golden monochrome coloured Glass flower heads and foliage. The arms are of swirling design with Murano glass bobeche's and golden monochrome glass lined mid-sections. Hanging from the base are flower-bud bells which are rounded with golden monochrome glass petal tops.


Italy, Circa: 19th century


The first Murano glass chandeliers started production in the early 18th century. Venetian glass had been produced since the early 13th century and was renowned as the most beautiful and purest glass in the world. The glassmakers of Murano had always excelled at making beautiful and original works of art, and the transfer of their skill to chandelier production instantly bought a new dimension to the possibilities of chandelier design. Following a fall in production after the occupation of the Venetian republic by the armies of Napoleon from 1797, the mid-19th century saw a revival of Murano glass production when Venetian glass became intensely popular again.

19th Century Italian Murano Glass Multi-Tier Large Chandelier

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